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my only crime
i was never able to rise my voice
and when i finally did
no one liked what i had to say
so they just
kicked me out
and pretend i didn't exist

and i get it
it was my fault
it's easier to be with someone
who doesn't speak up

it's easier to be with someone
who is so desperate and lost
it just makes you feel
less desperate and lost

it's not worth fighting for something
you didn't even know was there

but i'm done being
a relief

from now on
i will be lost
and desperate
and keep it to myself

and if no one believes in me
i'll have to believe in myself
twice as hard

i don't own anything to anybody
but me
for all this years
i didn't love me enough

but i'm learning

i'll never let anyone or anything
hurt me
as bad as i did

it ends tonight

On November 29 2017 at Belleville, New Jersey, United States 111 Views

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