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I have been taking a 'Photo Of The Day' since November 1, 1999. I enjoy the simple nature of taking an imprint of what is beautiful in life. I hope to share what I see for those who wish to view my sightings. I will be honored to read and learn from all comments. I consider myself a 'spontaneous' photographic artist (during my free time). I hope this venue leads to new and exciting pathways for further success in my photographic works. All I want is for my work to be seen. I would further like to say that I consider myself a "spontaneous" photographer more than anything--as I never know what I will shoot next. I sell some of my photos via these websites: http://www.redbubble.com/people/michaelarm http://www.saatchiart.com/MichaelJArmijo http://michaelarm.deviantart.com/ Favorite Photographer Inspiration quote: "You know very well that most people don't see things when it's right in front of their eyes." --Sir Leigh Teabing (aka Sir Ian McKellen while in character in the film, THE DAVINCI CODE).

Music : Find me at FACEBOOK.com to find out my musical taste.

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