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Tropical Parrot & Earth

painted by myself back in 1996 in oils before I discovered acrylics simplicity and drying much faster than oil paint. Today's owner: Bob Harris - Altiocculus harrissi Founder - size: 16x24'' on canvas. when i arrived in millard county in 1990, i begin to start drawing in ink at their local public restaurants to running into a lot of famous claim owners, to see how these sort of rural town folk would act towards my sort of artwork.

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thanks fargoov - its difficult to let out to others whom has invested in most of my wall paintings due to price bearing and valuating between what others can afford. so since I first arrived to the little town. rock hounding became one of my favorites after I studied gold, mineral exploring, mining tactics, searching for treasures, and discovering that our area is covered in fossils galore before the harrisi would realize these facts, and now i'm over my head in knowing to much about all the elements that can be found here - that artwork gives me a more relaxation from time to time. My first fossil I ever found was in Antelope Spr. and it was a alokistocare right off the bat at 2'' in 1983 with a private school field trip from Provo Utah to Antelope in Millard Co., but I was the cause to enforce the trip to end sooner too. Due to my feet turning to ice when weather conditions changed. No one had any idea -nor myself this could happen in the earliest of Spring time.;o) I also know where to find red tipped topaz to red topaz here. The rarest crystal in the world next to pink diamonds of Australia. And they are in instant reach! The Harrises saw the first group of rocks I found and couldn't name more than half. Shortly I would find a cavern crystal that only forms in caves and still today no one knows where this cave is located. "Good Luck! Fellows following me. And they do! Even by plane.'' And everyone wants me to lead them to treasure for free.... $8H a Day is my fee.

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